Zen Physics of Work

Imagine a circle drawn in the dirt and you standing in the middle of it.  Your goal in life and work is to stay centered (balanced is another term for it).  Here are some scenarios you may feel at the work place.

Pulled/Pulling – As an employee sometimes you are pulled into work that you don’t want to do.  Inside you resent being asked to do the work or you disagree with the method of how to go about the work.  First, fearlessly question (to yourself) what you don’t like about the work.  If you think there is a better method, find a way to express this to your boss.  If you just don’t like the work but you have to do it, find what piece works for you.  Recognize when you feel pulled and try to find how to define and practice your center.

As an employer you know the feeling of pulling an employee into work when they clearly don’t want to do it.  When you become aware of it, mention your observation and without emotion or ego, ask them what they like/dislike about the assignment.  Opening the conversation is the start of helping your employee be centered.

Chasing – When you chase an opportunity this implies that all of your momentum is going forward.  What happens if you don’t win the chase?  You’re exhausted.  Possibly you trip, and fall flat.  There is no need to chase.  It’s better to stay in the center of your circle, know what you do really well, and then announce that and converse from this centered position.

Driving – This implies control while remaining centered.  From the center of your circle, observe yourself.  What work do you choose to drive.  What really motivates you?  What do you really excel at and enjoy?   As a boss you can observe this of the people around you as well.  In work and life, empower those around you by recognizing what they choose to drive and passing work to them that fits within their circle.

If you feel yourself being pulled out of your circle, chasing an opportunity, or being pushed off balance, step into the driver’s seat and steer yourself back to center.  The center is where you will find true power.

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