Why RCRDDEALS Matters More Than Spotify

Post by: Robin DaveyHead of Music and Film Development at GROWVision.

Topspin Spotify has been the crux of music industry chatter when it comes to proclamations of a musical revolution, but the announcement of RCRDDEALS is a major step forward, and could prove to be a real game changer for breaking new acts and building established ones.

RCRDDEALS appears to be a Groupon for the music industry. Offering limited time unbeatable deals on concert tickets and record packages.

Spotify's Short Comings

Anyone who has had the chance to use Spotify will, I am sure, attest to its seemingly no brainer concept. Any song you want, whenever you want it, for free.

However, its hang-ups for the artist are similar to those that made elements of Myspace and Facebook both work and fail.

From a consumer point of view, it's great, but from a band's perspective, it's not a platform built for moving product or communicating with fans.

If Spotify is smart, they will keep it that way.

Prevent those annoying bands from getting their grubby little mitts all over it and throwing spam everywhere.

But RCRDDEAL has the potential to be much more influential for individual artists; it provides one of the key ingredients that the major labels did: a filter.


The major labels acted as a buffer, filtering out what they perceived to be the cream of the crop from the relentless hopefuls vying for attention.

With access to the main taste making outlets in the form of TV shows, influential DJ's and choice opening slots, majors had a platform to build a new artist.

But, that has all changed.

Social networking and user videos have taken people's attention away from these old school outlets and given the power to the consumer. They make their voice heard by watching Rebecca Black more times than Lady Gaga on YouTube.

Is this what we really want representing us as a tastemaker, guiding our senses for what to listen to and watch?

Will They / Won't They?

If RCRDDEAL can build a respectable reputation as providers of not only good deals, but also introducing quality music, then it could provide a vital new outlet for bands and labels to utilize in their promotion campaigns.

The key question is will it get in bed with the majors?

Will it target the true fan who will buy a vinyl set from the latest SXSW sensation, or will it go after the big discounts on Bon Jovi's ever faltering live following?

Its main purpose is of course making money, and that will ultimately dictate which direction they take. Only time will tell if they get it right, but if they do, I know I will look forward to receiving the latest RCRDDEAL email in my inbox.

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