We Are All Artists

The most visible creators I know of
are those artists whose medium is life itself.
The ones who express the inexpressible -
without brush, hammer, clay, or guitar.
They neither paint nor sculpt -
their medium is being.
Whatever their presence touches has increased life.
They see and don’t have to draw.
They are the artists of being alive…

-J. Stone

“If people knew how hard I had to work to gain my mastery, it wouldn’t seem wonderful at all.”


One definition of “artist” in Webster’s Dictionary is: ‘a skilled performer.’

In my view we are all artists.  We are artists of life.  Life itself is the art form.  Like the masters of any art form, it takes considerable practice to achieve grace.  Everyday is an opportunity to work on some aspect of the thousands that comprise our lives on earth.

No, it isn’t easy but then again most practice never seemed easy (think back to childhood sports or arts).  But in this one case, you don’t have the option.  You are an artist of life.  You can either embrace it, open up to your medium, and learn to be a graceful artist, or you can be frustrated.

One benefit of this medium is that there are billions of others out there to learn from.  Billions are on the same journey right now and billions have passed.  Many of these people have kept record of their journey and insights.  There are great books and mentors out in the world ready to teach or guide you in your endeavors.

Whether you spend your days as part of a large corporation, a small business, a non-profit, traveling, relaxing, panhandling on the streets, or performing art in the traditional sense – you are your own person and this grace is yours to own.

Like the great masters, approach your craft with a willingness to learn, adapt, and practice to yield the greatest results.  Eventually you will find that each moment of practice in itself is an opportunity to perform with the grace of a master.

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