Wanted: Grateful Dead crossed with Burning Man

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Ok folks… I’m going to get a bit personal on this here business blog.  I could use your help.  I am looking to work with a specific type of band and being that I haven’t stumbled across this band yet I figured I’d put out this wanted ad.  If you know of a band that fits the following description or you feel you are this band please email me at ben(at)theartistfarm.com.

I am looking for:

  1. A band that plays primarily rock or some version of it.  But the band would have the ability to do some electronic and futuristic sounding material as well if they choose.  Rock is most important though.  It needs to be the kind of music that fits on a sunny day road trip and can also fit in with the dark tones of the evening.
  2. The guitar player is able to emote through his guitar like the best of breed: Santana, Garcia, Anastasio, David Gilmour.  You should be able to make people cry with your guitar playing.
  3. The music must breathe and have an organic pace.  If the music and playing moves too quickly it doesn’t give the audience a chance to sink into the music.  There needs to be significant moments of a calm pace – though a driving calm is ok.  See this post and this post for more of my ideas on this.
  4. You are interested in not just making music, but using this music as a platform for building/creating social change.  And I’m not talking about the standard non-profit booths at your shows.  I’m talking about earth shattering, social movement building, consciousness shifting stuff-  like what the Dead scene was at the time crossed with what Burning Man represents today.
  5. You want to push the boundaries of what is possible at live shows in both presentation and audience participation.  Is it possible to do a show without a stage or without lights and have the focus be on something other than the music?  To have the audience in a circle in a field?  To broadcast your show through a pirate radio station signal that would be picked up by participants throughout a flash mob scene in an urban park?  You get the idea.
  6. You have songs people love.  We all still love songs, especially those that become familiar to us.
  7. Of course, you understand business and know that you have to work your ass off (making a quality product and marketing/selling it to the world) to make any of these things come true.
  8. You have interest and a clear vision of how to grow to perform in front of tens of thousands of people (amphitheaters, arenas, etc)
  9. You like long walks on the beach or woods and sunsets.  For real.

Please spread this blog or tweet around to anyone and everyone.  I really am looking for this band and in today’s connected age you can help me find them.  Or if you fit this bill send me an email directly: ben(at)theartistfarm.com.  Thanks!

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