Using Automation Patterns in Your Songs With Logic Pro

Here’s a handy trick to create cool effects in Logic. It’s by Darren burgos over at MacPro Video. This article talks about creating patterns with automation and then using them on instruments as effects. It a pretty complex set up, but looks like a lot of fun to play around with. Darren says…

“When I’m producing, I’ll often pull from a small library of shapes I’ve made and saved into a Logic Project. I can easily copy these pre-made patterns into my existing songs because they’ve been saved inside a standard region. This also makes it easy to stretch or compress the automation …but we’ll cover that in just a bit!”

Here are the steps involved. You can read the entire article/instructions here.

Step 1 – Copy The Automation

Open the Automation Shape Logic Template and copy the region of your choice with Command-C, then click back into the song you’ll be adding the automation to.

Step 2 – Create A Clone Of The Track

Step 3 – Paste The Automation

Step 4 – Repeat The Automation

Step 5 – Convert Automation To Track Based

Step 6 – Toggle To View The Automation

Step 7 – Convert Automation To Another Parameter

Step 8 – Time Stretch The Automation

Now drag the region out while holding the Option key and the automation data will be time stretched to the length you choose.

 I can’t wait to try this out! Again, you can read the entire article/instructions here.

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