UAD’s New Sphere DLX and LX microphones are arsenals in two packages.

Universal Audio, a leading audio equipment manufacturer, has recently released two new microphone models, the Sphere DLX and the Sphere LX.

These microphones offer a unique and innovative approach to recording that sets them apart from other microphones on the market.

The Sphere DLX is a flagship model featuring a dual-capsule design with a large-diaphragm condenser and a small-diaphragm condenser.

This allows for a wide range of recording options, from capturing the nuances of a vocal performance to catching the fullness of a grand piano.

It also features a built-in preamp and high-pass filter, making it easy to get a clean, professional sound without needing additional equipment.

The Sphere LX is more affordable but still features the same dual-capsule design as the DLX.

It also has a built-in preamp and high-pass filter but does not have the same level of flexibility as the DLX model. It is more suited for home studios or budget-conscious professionals.

One of the unique features of these microphones is the Sphere plug-in. The Sphere plug-in software allows you to control the microphone and adjust the sound.

You can switch between the two capsules, adjust the polar pattern, and even simulate the sound of classic microphones.

This added flexibility allows you to fine-tune your recordings to your exact specifications.

The Sphere DLX and the Sphere LX are compatible with Universal Audio's Apollo interfaces, allowing easy integration into any existing studio setup.

They are also compatible with other audio interfaces, making it easy to incorporate them into any recording setup.
In conclusion, Universal Audio's Sphere DLX and Sphere LX microphones offer a unique and innovative approach to recording.

With a wide range of recording options and a built-in preamp and high-pass filter, they make it easy to get professional sound without additional equipment.

The Sphere plug-in also adds an extra layer of flexibility, allowing for easy adjustments to the sound.

Whether you're a professional or a home studio enthusiast, the Sphere DLX and Sphere LX are worth checking out.

They are a powerful and versatile addition to any recording setup, providing high-quality sound and flexibility that can take your recordings to the next level.

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