Top Five Ways Apple Is Killing Off The CD

image from Slowly but surely Apple is killing off the CD. The hands of its greatest enemy and ally, depending on who you ask, are murdering the lifeblood of the record industry. It may not happen today, tomorrow, or a year from now. However, if Apple has anything to say about it, this will happen. The CD will die. Apple's assault on the plastic disc started subtly, they invented the iPod. As of late, their actions speak louder than words.

More On How Apple Is Killing The CD Below:

  1. iPod:
    Ah yes, the awesome iPod, how much do you hate my CD collection? So much so that I have not seen it since I started storing it in the backseat of my car. It used to long for the drives when I would gleefully flip through its four disc pages and gently insert one of its shiny Frisbees into my player.
  2. iTunes:
    You bastards do not sell CDs, do you? Had iTunes only sold physical discs, the record industry could go back to pretending that the uncoupling of albums would never happen. Do you know how many years it took us to write the licensing deals and price out singles? We sell albums you prick.
  3. MacBook Air:
    Look at me, I am too cool for a CD player. It adds weight. If those hipsters want to gain some muscle they should carry around a laptop with a CD player in it. That is what men do. Now instead of using CDs like men, all those girls are going to reinstall OS X on their computers with USB-sticks.
  4. iTunes Icon:
    Your blue Smurf looking thing of a logo is screwing with the coolness of my applications tray. The old logo had a CD in it and may have needed an update. At least it did not look like a five year old designed it in Paint. Come on, bring the CD back or I am switching to Sharepod or Winamp.
  5. Mac App Store:
    Apple plans to sell programs through an online app store. Maybe I liked driving to the store, overpaying, and going home to install my software using a CD. It had a process. Kids will take software for granted. Once they can get it instantly, they will no longer appreciate the time us older folks took to install programs with our CDs. I will manually install software.


Photo via TechCrunch

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