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A few days ago I had a “blind business date” with a guy named Rob Douglas co-founder of a video production company called Squid and Beard.   (Interestingly, he has a video project in which he interviews local heros to highlight how these individual threads comprise the fabric of our community).  Rob mentioned the idea of “being part of the conversation” several times.  I had been thinking loosely about this idea recently so I asked him to clarify what that meant for him.

Fusing his words and mine, ‘the conversation’ is happening all around us every day.  The conversation in particular is how to positively push, direct, and affect civilization – this big human experience – while refining what it means to be human.  The conversation happens in both thoughts and actions – in business, in the home, in your community, and online.

There are three things I want to mention about the conversation:

  1. Who is in the conversation? If you are reading this then you are engaged in the conversation.  It’s open to all.
  2. What’s the best way to contribute to the conversation? As with all conversations I think it is most effective to listen, absorb and digest some ideas, experiment in your own life, analyze the results, and then contribute your findings back into the conversation.  This system helps base the conversation in personal fact/experience rather than conjecture.
  3. Where is the conversation happening?  The conversation could take place with your friends, online through a blog, in your workplace, or in your community government… anywhere really.

The conversation is happening.  It’s more interesting with more people involved.   And there is room enough for everyone.  Spread the word!

P.S – I’d like to read and learn from you how you engage in the conversation.  Drop me a line at ben(at) if you’d like to have a conversation about “the conversation.”  I enjoy knowing what you are working on, learning from you, and feeling what we are all creating together.  Thanks!

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