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Dave mastered my debut EP and truly took the energy and the feeling of the record way, way up. He looks at and listens to every section of every song carefully and communicates frankly and clearly the methods to his madness. He’s a wonderful collaborator and creative partner.
- Chris Hall, Recording Artist, Los Angeles, Ca

Dave was a pleasure to work with, very helpful in aiding to accomplish my goal. I was new to post production and did not know much about what it takes to Master a project. He guided me and kept it very professional. This man is OFFICIAL! Thank you Dave. I am looking forward to working with you again.
V.Bo, Hip Hop Artist, Long Beach, Ca

David's mastering speaks for itself! He sculpted my track exactly how it should be, dynamic, smooth & fat! He's patient with your needs, and most importantly, he delivers beyond the high end quality result you were looking for!
-Clockwize, Hip Hop Artist, Los Angeles, Ca www.EooMuzik.com

First and foremost, as a musician, I wanted the feeling that the person mastering my tracks really cared about the end result and understood the sound we preferred.  Dave was excellent at listening to our preferences and interpreting them. But, like any good mastering guy, he was able to pick up on subtleties that we would never have noticed. The results was an energetic and professional sounding album. As a side note, the last album Dave mastered for us charted on the CMJ Top 200!
- Joseph White, Facts on File, Los Angeles, Ca

I had the pleasure of working with Dave on a 3 song online project for one of his acts. Dave was a pleasure to work with. His direction was always detailed and specific, yet general enough that I could interpret the songs on my own and allow my creativity to thrive. Dave is a consummate professional in his etiquette, work ethic, knowledge of music, and employment of his skills set. It was a privilege and a pleasure to work with such a dedicated member of the music industry and I eagerly await the opportunity to work with Dave again.
-A.J. Nystrom, Online and Studio Session Drummer at AJ Nystrom Productions

Dave mixed and mastered my 3 song EP and I am thrilled with the results. The songs sound full, dynamic and alive. He has an intuitive sense of what a song means and he knows how to convey that meaning in the mix. He is infinitely patient and kind. I feel lucky to have met him and I look forward to our future endeavors together.
-Nadine Ellman, Independent Recording Artist, Los Angeles, ca

Working with Dave was a pleasure. He is a craftsman, providing professional, detailed, and personalized service. I got Dave's name from a previous satisfied client. Would I recommend Dave? Absolutely.
- Geordie McElroy, Blackwater Jukebox, Los Angeles, Ca.

I am very excited with the results of Dave's work. He has a great ear and an uncanny ability to verbalize musical concepts, which is invaluable when exchanging feedback by email. I especially appreciate his straightforward and honest feedback and his genuine interest in helping me achieve my goals. His background in project management is also a great asset that ensured the project stayed on track and didn’t lose its momentum. I highly recommend working with him.
- Jeffery Blue, Independent Recording Artist, Chicago, Il.

Imagine being on a sonic quest to find a compassionate, intelligent, devoted sound engineer who has surgeon-like editing skills.  Imagine finding aforementioned sound engineer after a long journey.  That sonic masterman is Dave Lopez.  When you dedicate your entire self into a recording you want only the best to be working on your tracks.  Dave Lopez not only worked efficiently on my project, he did it with style and grace.  He helped me get my project to the point where I know hands down that my music will sound phenomenal on any sound system that it is played through. After 6 solid months of recording, Dave was a true breath of fresh air.
-Jeff Iftekaruddin, Independent Recording Artist, Hollywood, Ca.

Dave brought an energy to the sound of our EP that we didn't even know was hiding in the music until we heard it. His ability to utilize the full stereo space, as well as clarify details and presence added an unmistakable finish to the songs. Add to that he's an all around cool cat, easy to work with, timely, passionate about what he does. Dave's definitely a new member of our family, and we'll be looking forward to sending new music his way.
-Brady Erickson, The Ross Sea Party, Los Angeles, Ca.

Dave and I met through Indaba music. He was very complimentary about my music, and gave me a few hints about how to improve the overall sound. Taking his advice I worked on a track called 'Strawberry' and asked his opinion on it before sending him a copy to mix and master.

What he has done to it is elevate it into another realm. The mixing and mastering is nothing short of perfect. It is almost as if Dave has read my mind. As a musician, producer and songwriter, how I hear the sound in my head is not the way it comes out in the end. I need a Dave Lopez in my life. As he says, he is a mixing and mastering specialist, and boy is he a mixing and mastering specialist! A true artist in every sense of the word, he truly understands the whole dynamic of sound. I hope and pray that Dave will continue working with me in the future. It's been a real pleasure and I would recommend anybody reading this not to even think, but to take my advice, and utilize the sublime mixing and mastering skills of the great Dave Lopez.
- Abid Rahman, Independent Recording Artist, Cardif, Wales, UK

I consider myself very lucky dealing with Dave through the process of mixing my song. I found him very patient and cooperative, he's very generous at giving advices and guiding his client to get the best results even after the his job is done. Dave kept making different version of the mix until I got my desired result.
He has mixed my song professionally, gave his attention to every single track in the mix and worked hard to give the best sound quality. I'm heavenly satisfied with his service.
Dave is also a gentleman, a real artist and a very respecting/respectful man. I would love to deal with him again.
- Feras Tag, Independent Recording Artist, Cairo, Egypt

Dave was able to bring out the best in the mix down process and create a presence to the tracks that was not there before. He utilized the stereo spectrum in ways I would have not thought of, and managed to get the levels of my tracks on par with commercial recordings. He's able to adapt to different genres of music and definitely facilitates the production process. Thanks Dave!
-DJ Emi, Vinyl Tribe, Los Angeles, Ca

Dave is not only an incredibly meticulous and passionate mixing/mastering guru, but he's infinitely patient and compassionate to the needs of a frazzled and often indecisive indie band.  I would highly recommend Dave - no holds barred!
- Jana Bonderman, The Monthlies, Los Angeles, Ca

So first and foremost, Dave is the man!  It was great having the opportunity to work with him.  Dave was able to take our sound from live shows and translate them to our album.  He was so quick with revisions and truly approached our album with passion.  Working with Dave was a true pleasure, we definitely hope to work with him again.
- Nick Miller, The Monthlies, Los Angeles, Ca

Dave is very easy to work with and has a vast knowledge of mixing and mastering.  I have enjoyed working with him to get the best out of my tracks and give my music the quality sound that I was looking for.  Dave has a great deal of passion for his craft and I look forward to working with him on more tracks in the near future!
- Youngblood, Visual Mantra Studios, San Francisco, Ca

I was extremely pleased with the end result of the song Dave mastered for me.  He was easy to work with and knew exactly what needed to be tweaked to bring out the best quality of my song. I highly recommend him!
- Jael Gadsden, R&B Recording Artist, Los Angeles, Ca

Right off the bat Dave Lopez was very friendly and stayed patient throughout the whole mastering process. I gave him my insights on how the mix should be and he worked on it till it was perfect. I would recommend Dave Lopez to anyone who is looking for professional mastering.
- Soheil Sam Najjaran, The Remotes, Los Angeles, Ca

I've sent Dave a few things to master and they've all come back sounding better than I even thought possible.  He's super easy to work with - from getting material back and forth to discussing how to tweak what you send to him to maximize what he can do for it. I totally recommend working with him.
- DJ Lift, Chicago, Il

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