Subtle Bright Light

It’s a new day, it’s a new dawn, it’s a new life for me…

-lyrics from “Feeling Good

A week ago, my wife gave birth to our first child – a baby boy (home birth, no drugs – but that’s another blog post).  Obviously with such a new and powerful experience, I have been curious to see what inspiration would arise that could relate to everyone’s life.  As always, with something so profound, there were several ideas that came to my mind.  Of all the ideas, one stands out the most.

Though a newborn sleeps for approximately 90% of the day, there is the 10% where it is awake and alert.  I had always heard that newborns don’t do much the first several months.  At this point, having tuned my personal operating frequency way down, I can say that this is incorrect – newborns are incredibly active but only if you tune into their frequency.

The most beautiful moments I have experienced in this life have been in silence, outdoors, watching the natural world carry on.  I look into my son’s eyes, on the rare moments that he is awake, and see him having this same experience- deeply observing the world without judgment.

Imagine a world where you have no vocabulary, you have no understanding of the context for the objects that surround you, and you have no physical coordination.  In short, you are merely and yet fantastically alive with perception.  That is it.  This is what I see in my child’s eyes.  It is a window to the timeless world – the world that exists for all of us beneath our ego-driven, noisy, consciousness.  It is a subtle world, difficult to find and hard to access, but filled with the bright light of wonder.  It is a place we should all strive to visit.

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