Startup Adva Mobile Using Crowdfunding To Improve Free Mobile Sites For Musicians

Adva-mobile-logoAdva Mobile was featured on Hypebot in August for their free mobile websites for musicians. Now they're back with a crowdfunding campaign to help them bring the design aspects of their mobile portal and individual mobile sites up to the level of their backend and address what CEO Jack Kelly calls the problem of having a "Ferrari engine in a Chevy body."

Jack Kelly Discusses Adva Mobile Crowdfunding Campaign

When I spoke with Jack Kelly about Adva Mobile's services, I was impressed with what they offered and their general perspective on how such services should be managed.

The basic mobile website and service is free and they've come a long way as a small, self-funded business but they've hit a financial hump and are seeking help through a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo:

"We built our first version in 2008 and over 1,400 bands have found us and signed up. We give artists everything they need to take advantage of mobile – phone friendly web sites, Apps, text messaging, downloads, tour dates, and a storefront to sell stuff to their fans. Most of the bands choose our free service."

"Lately though, they're telling us that their mobile site is not cool and our web site dashboard to manage their mobile campaigns is dated – thus, they are reluctant to use it. Some of our partner opportunities are turned off because the portal looks so old, and one has refused to partner with us until we display current design standards.... So we need to fix that."

"As long as we're working with a design expert, we would also have him design new mobile web templates for our free and paid subscribers...For artists that choose our free service, even they should have a design that is current and modern."

So check out the campaign and rewards and see if Adva Mobile is a business you'd like to support!

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