Soundtrkr Upgrades Mobile Stations & Geotagging

image from Soundtrckr, a geosocial music service for smartphones and the web, announced two feature updates at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona today. iPhone app users can now create stations from any artist in the soundtrckr catalog and determine the current location of their friends and listeners.

These enhancements build on its ability to create personalized radio stations and optimize its location-aware social network to help users build connected communities of music fans.

From the press release:

“We're very pleased to roll out this update. Users wanted the opportunity to create stations beyond what was in their handset, and to see where their friends and listeners were around the country,” said Daniele Calabrese, Founder and CEO, soundtrckr. “It's fascinating to observe how users are shaping the soundtrckr experience. The possibilities really are endless, and our team remains committed to finding new ways to connect people, places and music.”

With soundtrckr, users can create and share their own stations instantly, seeding playlists from a database of music that covers tastes ranging from the most mainstream to the most obscure. For instance: a Washington, DC user can create a station of 80s Russian pop hits that have been out of print since Bill Clinton was president. She tweets a link to her station and a friend in San Francisco decides to tune in; using soundtrckr, her friend can listen along in real time, song for song. Word spreads from there, and as more people tune into the station, each listener can determine the others' locations, converse through an integrated TCP/IP chat feature, and share the station with their own friends via Facebook, Twitter, or email.


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