Sound Editor Richard King talks about his Avid System 5 MC


Richard King talks about his new Avid System 5 MC
Richard King talks about his new Avid System 5 MC

Academy Award winning sound editor Richard King (pictured) has installed an Avid System 5 MC integrated digital audio workstation (DAW) controller in his private studio located on the Warner Bros. Burbank lot.

King opted for a 32-fader System 5 MC based on its flexibility, speed, intuitive performance and EuCon control of the new DSP-accelerated Pro Tools|HDX digital audio workstation software—features such as these enable it to keep pace with the ever-growing demands of each new project. Easily expandable from eight to 48 faders the System 5 MC is able to meet the needs of any size project. The MC Pro controller module enables complete surround monitoring, and integrated management of multiple computer systems from a centrally located position.

Why did King choose the System 5 MC?

“I looked at number of consoles and found the System 5 MC to be the most versatile for my needs. I can completely configure it for the way I work,” King says. “For example, I am able to create a template of just the stems and pre-dub masters, and then be able to very quickly switch back and forth between them to find the element that I want to change. It’s extremely fast and versatile.”

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