Sony Music Loses VP Matt Kozlov To CAA & Qualcomm Backed Tech Startup

image from Matt Kozlov, who has overseen many of Sony Music's most creative digital initiatives is leaving the label group to lead Creative Mobile Labs, an LA based startup funded by mobile tech giant Qualcomm and talent agency CAA. The new company will pair creatives with mobile developers to create cutting edge mobile apps and games. In an email to associates Kozlov wrote:

"I wanted to inform you all of an exciting personal update.  I just recently decided to leave Sony Music to pursue an exciting opportunity running a new mobile entertainment startup backed by CAA and Qualcomm.

The past almost 3 years have been a beautiful whirlwind, and I've really loved working at Sony Music. It's an incredible time to be working in music and technology, but the time and opportunity feel right to move on.  I've had the great fortune to work alongside some brilliant people in my corporate gigs (Bain, Yahoo, Sony), and I've worked on some truly exhilarating initiatives.  I'm excited now to take that energy and focus it on building a business from the ground up in a rapidly growing space I find fascinating (mobile entertainment and games).

The new company, Creative Mobile Labs (CML), is backed by CAA and Qualcomm, and I'm thrilled to run a company with the support of these two teams.  Qualcomm has been a leader in mobile technology for as long as there have been mobile phones.  They're extremely passionate about innovating new consumer mobile technology (such as Augmented Reality), and I'm looking forward to working alongside them to try and find fun, exciting applications for their platforms.  Likewise, CAA is the premier talent agency, representing practically everyone you've ever heard of, and they've had great success leveraging this talent to drive the success of other digital startups they incubate (i.e., Funny or Die).

At Creative Mobile Labs, we're going to be combining these ingredients to create what we hope will be extremely fun, cool (and wildly successful) mobile franchises.  I can't wait."

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