Social media anyone?

I’ve been on a social media kick lately and I’m realizing that this thing isn’t going away. I’m not talking about social networks like Myspace, Facebook or Ning. I’m talking about Social Media, i.e. USTREAM, Tumblr and, of course, Twitter.

Over the past several months I’ve discovered that the simplest of ideas make for very powerful tools. I’ve been all about the idea of Twitter lately. I’m amazed at how people can say so much in 140 characters or less. Some people use it to say “Going to dinner” or “At the movies”, but the real innovators see it as a marketing device. The social media marketers are using it to promote their businesses, ideas, beliefs and so more. Truly amazing! USTREAM, and vlogging in general, is starting to dominate the landscape as blogging has been doing for the pasty couple of years. Some of my favorite vloggers are 1938 Media, Wine Library TV and iJustine. Give these sites a look to see where the future of the web and the sharing of information is going. The potential for this stuff is HUGE!

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