Snoop Dogg’s Personal Recipe For Social Media

image from Dogg is an icon in hip hop marketing and has become a go to figure for new digital media services as has 50 Cent due, in part, to having teams with a deep understanding of social media. Recently Shira Lazar of What's Trending did video features on Snoop Dogg and Cashmere Agency in addition to writing a related piece for

Snoop Dogg: My Recipe is Being Me

Snoop Dogg is one of those figures that fully exploits hip hop's peculiar mix of "No Sell Out" and "Make That Money". Like Ice Cube, he has become a mainstream figure in pop culture, despite his clearly objectionable content matter and, like 50 Cent, he has become a dominant figure in social media marketing featuring rap stars.

Last year Snoop was noted for his sales of branded virtual goods on multiple social networks. Most recently, he's been promoting Viddy's Snoop Pack, an app that will give user videos that "smoky haze" along with a Snoop Dogg instrumental track.

In the above video Snoop talks about his approach to social media as part of a longer interview.  But it's the team at Stampede Management and at marketing firm Cashmere Agency that get a bit more detailed about the business in the following video.

Innovator: Stampede Management & Cashmere Agency

Seung Chung, president and co-founder of the Cashmere Agency, was also interviewed for Entrepreneur by Shira Lazar about the Snoop Dogg approach to social media.

In addition to discussing Snoop's involvement with Viddy and with Chill, Chung shared the approach her team takes to keeping fans coming back:

"You must stay consistent and cohesive. To be most effective, you have to have a real commitment to putting up content and messaging on a regular basis. You also must have real interactions with your core audience and customers. In a way, social media allows you to build a voice and a persona for your brand -- a personification that can work to build your brand's message."

And that sounds like what Snoop does - create content on an ongoing basis, connect directly with fans and extend his distinctive persona via social media.

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