Skyline Music Launches Book A Band / Plant A Tree

image from Hypebot and Music Think Tank's parent company, booking agency Skyline Music, is kicking off the new year on a green note with the launch of Book A Band / Plant A Tree and a challenge to other music companies to join in. Every time a promoter or venue books one of Skyline Music’s exclusive clients, who range from jazz legend Arturo Sandoval to social media darling Zoe Keating (3 million+ Twitter followers), and accepts contracts and promo email, a tree is planted in their honor. In partnership with the non-profit Trees For The Future, Skyline will plant thousands of trees each year.

Skyline Music has created a special Book A Band / Plant A Tree logo (above) and campaign suggestions which thety are sharing with agencies, artists and other music companies interested in starting their own tree planting project.  “The touring industry contributes to pollution in many ways from tour buses to massive festivals held in far off locations,” states Skyline Music president and Hypebot and MTT publisher Bruce Houghton.  “We all have a responsibility to mitigate and ultimately to reverse the damage we have helped to create.”

image from The Book A Band / Plant A Tree campaign also coincides with a new Skyline Music web site ( which features details of the Book A Band / Plant A Tree program and a Learn section inspired that shares music marketing strategies alongside information about booking the agency’s roster of artists.

The new Skyline Music site was created by online developer Kevin Lowery, the co-creator of the growing Awendaw Green music community which works to connect music and people through new media marketing, live performances, recording and philanthropy. Skyline Music and Lowery have several additional joint projects in development.

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