Secondhand Serenade Breaks New Single Exclusively Through SoundHound App

image from Secondhand Serenade has collaborated with SoundHound, a song identification app developer, to release a new version of his song "You and I.” For three days, it will be available exclusively on SoundHound before being released to radio and online retail.

During this period, "You and I” will be predominately displayed in song search results. Upon tapping the banner, users will be able to play the new song in its entirety. John Vesely, the lead singer of Secondhand Serenade, has been leaving a breadcrumb trail for his fans over the course of the week, hinting to the release of the new single. His goal with this effort is to experiment with creative delivery methods. The ultimate hope being that by mixing up song release styles and leaving fans guessing, he'll be able to keep them engaged with his career.

This move gives credence to the growing mobile space. Moving forward it's likely that more artists will break their singles exclusively through apps before going to mainstream outlets. Doing so represents an effort to rekindle the notion of music as an event – as specific day that fans look forward to. Rather than releasing his new song to his fans all at once, Vesely is striving to reward his closest followers for paying attention by giving them a chance to hear "You and I” first. Whether or not this embargo will pay dividends when it ends is the next question. App users won't be able to buy the song until later this month. They'll only be able to share it – not buy it. Once released, SoundHound will tell users where they can get it. 

Will fans still be interested or will the moment have passed?

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