Rihanna + 20 Radio Singles = Weak Concert Sales

Rihanna short hairstyles To date, Rihanna has 20 singles; 1,056,094,048 views on YouTube; and 10 million album sales. But, at the moment, she can't sell concert tickets to save her life. Last year, her "Last Girl On Earth" tour hit problems with cancellations in Phoenix, Dallas, Atlanta, Denver and Indianapolis because of low ticket sales, according to the New York Post. This year, the situation doesn't seem to have gotten any better.

Rihanna's current day-to-day manager has reportedly advised her to cancel the domestic dates on her "Loud" tour. In the opinion of one insider, despite the numbers listed above, Rihanna should've been "doing theaters and smaller venues."

"She's not ready to headline an arena tour," they told the New York Post.

At a July show in Boston with Cee Lo Green, promoters are already expecting half-million dollar loses. Yet, in spite of sluggish ticket sales, Rihanna is still demanding all the bells and whistles required to make it a blow-out performance.

Since her record label, Def Jam, has already taken a hit due to the decline in sales of recorded music, and is thus, hoping to bring in tour and merch revenue to make up the difference, the weak ticket sales aren't a good sign. In the past, artists like the Grateful Dead have had merger album sales and still managed to pull in a crowd. Rihanna is a global pop star who can't even sell out an arena.

Being in the major label system doesn't appear to guarantee anything anymore.

Even Rihanna is being told that she should be realistically playing in theaters and smaller venues, but the diva isn't having it. She wants to make the show bigger and better, in hopes of gaining a Lady Gaga like affluence, but it's not happening.

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