REWIND: Slicethepie, WMG, Spotify, Google Music, Radio Sucks, MySpace, CD Baby, Weezer, & More

image from This week on Hypebot there’s a great mix of news and views. Slicethepie retooled. YouTube is testing a news live video platform. I celebrated my two years with Hypebot and not too long ago Bruce celebrated his fifth. Lots of executive shake-up at WMG and Rhino. It looks like Spotify will miss another launch deadline. Bruce got interviewed on MicControl. Lastly, some details were released, but another week has gone by and no Google Music head has been named. For views, there’s all kinds of interviews and pieces on online fandom, why radio sucks, and music as a loss leader.

Rewind With Hypebot's Music Industry Week In Review:


  • Slicethepie makes changes to fan-funding platform. All artists keep 100% of proceeds from their projects.
  • New MySpace to launch Oct. 15.
  • Mashable provides a guide to the top 10 Twitter tips for musicians. Why take note? New study says that Twitter followers are better than Facebook fans.
  • NPR Music asked women musicians to tell them a little about themselves.  700 responded with 63% saying they played music full-time.
  • A new study predicts big growth in digital music by 2014.
  • Weezer invaded YouTube on Tuesday, appearing on many popular channels. Their effort spurred +5 million views and 5 of the top videos featured on the site.
  • Mitchell Wolk leaves ADA, WMG names David Orleans as mew leader. Tom Whalley, who has served as Chairman and CEO of Warner Bros. Records since 2001, is leaving the label in a shakeup that changes the makeup of the executive suite. The new team includes Rob Cavallo as Chairman, Todd Moscowitz as Co-President and CEO, and Livia Tortella as Co-President and COO.
  • Topspin Media adds VIP access to its direct-to-fan marketing platform. 


  • In response to research polls that say 78% of phone owners want radio in their devices, Hypebot takes a look at the top ten reasons why listeners think radio sucks.
  • Hypebot imagines a music world that centers around the fan and explores how information empowers and changes fandom.
  • Hypebot interviews Patrick Sullivan, who is the cofounder, President, and CEO of RightsFlow, a mechanical licensing and royalty payment technology platform.
  • After a few cynical comments on Hypebot, we tried to explore the great indie music conspiracy.
  • Hypebot asks the readers to name the essential elements of culture and to give their thoughts on if artists feel less or more pressure to conform to popular trends today.
  • A list of the top-twelve books that the record industry needs to read.
  • With the news of Best Buy cutting shelf space, Hypebot argued that this signals the end and beginning of music being used as a loss leader to sell other goods.
  • Wesley Verhoeve explores the music venture capital business model.
  • Hypebot explores why free isn’t free, nor is it forever, through the lens of reactions to Bandcamp charging for free downloads
  • Hypebot did a two part interview with Kevin Breuner, who is the Marketing Project Manager at CD Baby and host of the DIY Musician Podcast. (Part 1)  (Part 2)
  • The aura of music has been imbued in objects.

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