Ready To Grab Your Own .music Domain Name? New ICANN Rules Make Possible

image from During a special Sunday meeting, the Board of ICANN, the international organization that overseas domain names, approved a plan to dramatically increase the number of Internet domain name endings from the current 22, which includes such familiar domains as .com, .org and .net. A new .music domain, the longtime dream of Constantine Roussos and his supporters,  will likely be included.

The changes could effect the way people search for information including music on the net and how artists and music companies structure their online presence. "Internet users search the web using keywords," explains Roussos, who founded .music (dotMusic) to encourage the domain. "The dominance of Google was a direct result of providing users with the best search result for the keyword phrase they were looking for...The other way Internet users search the web is typing the website directly into their browser. However, unless you have a distinct name, there is minimal chance you will be able to register your brand name in .COM."

As examples Roussos offers:

    Justin Bieber - It is not
    Queen - It is not
    Prince - It is not
    Eagles - It is not
    Bruce Springsteen - It is not
    Van Halen - It is not
    Tool - It is not
    Kiss - It is not
    Chicago - It is not
    Boston - It is not
    Oasis - It is not
    Usher - It is not
    Nirvana - It is not
    Journey - It is not
    Foreigner - It is not
    Scorpions - It is not

A new .music domain could change all that for artists and music tech companies ready when the names become available.  ICANN will soon begin a global campaign to raise awareness of the new top level domain names Applications for new doamins will be accepted from January12 - April 12, 2012.

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