Rdio COO Predicts A Groundswell of Interest & Subscribers In Online Music Streaming

image from cdn.venturebeat.com Recently, I spoke with Carter Adamson, who is the COO of RDIO. In this interview, Adamson talks about the challenges of raising awareness for a music service and keeping fans actively engaged.

Hypebot: What are the challenges of raising awareness for RDIO in a cost-effective manner?

Carter Adamson: It's difficult for new businesses to stand out when there is so much noise in the marketplace. And acquiring customers using traditional methods or online marketing can be very expensive.

So we're taking a different tack: Rdio is focused on building the world's best music service and providing our subscribers with the best possible digital music experience. We've made it easy for friends to share playlists and connect with a music community that is so interesting and vibrant. Because happy customers will be our best marketers.

Hypebot: Does not having an unlimited free version to lure users in limit your growth potential?

Carter Adamson: A great many music fans who try Rdio will love it, and if they love it they will become subscribers. So the free version is a fantastic way to promote trial.

We see this business as a marathon, and we're in it for the long haul. Getting fans to try before they buy, and having some number of them become paid subscribers is our recipe for long-term success.

Hypebot: As we empower passive music consumption, how do we keep fans actively engaged?

Carter Adamson: Community is a key part of Rdio, and making it easy to engage with other fans by sharing playlists and other music-related info is a big part of how we go about making those connections.

We're also keenly interested in building the connections between fans and artists and other influencers, and will be actively promoting these relationships in the future.

Hypebot: Is it just a matter of time before streaming takes off and appeals to the mass-market?

Carter Adamson: Music fans are already half way there – they carry their music with them and listen everywhere. It's a short leap to having a much deeper, much broader library to listen to, essentially everything a music fan might imagine or want for about the same amount they would spend downloading 10 tracks a month.

We're predicting a groundswell of interest and subscribers once fans truly grasp the amazing amount of music available at their fingertips

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