Ra Ra-Ah-Ah-Ah… The Hypebot Hit Song Contest

image from vigilantcitizen.com Did I mention that the Hypebot Hit Song Contest is going on right now? Have you entered yet? The grand prize is worth over $3,500 and could easily give you the leg up in your career as an artist. There are a few entries that have showed up on our SoundCloud page and we can’t wait to hear more. They sound awesome.

Here is one such entry:

Rock Your Body Hard by Lenin Was A Zombie

Other Issues:

Now, a few very early critics have dismissed the lyrics as stupid or something that no heterosexual woman in their right mind would consider singing.

Fair enough.

The lyrics are supposed to be a caricature of popular culture. For that reason, they are exaggerated to their logical extreme. Don't take them so seriously.

Second, the nature of the words in the song; they arise out of the data and are emergent patterns in the inforgraphic. That the song has a bias towards the male perspective and a provocative take on women is more characteristic towards the trends in popular culture than it is a reflection of my intention to relay that view.


Quite obviously, I am not advocating for what could be called the ‘objectification of women’ and the latter. The result is just a interpretation of data and pop music.

On the surface, the Hypebot Hit Song is just a fun way to interact with readers. So have some fun, cover the song, and I truly hope you win the grand prize.

Below that exterior, if one so wished, what can be seen is the biases of popular music, ones which would surprise no one who listens to Top 40 radio.

It’s kind of scary that, in trying to distill patterns from a semi-random word cloud, these themes actually reveal themselves. That they do, however, probably all isn’t that shocking. In addressing those comments, I hope that clears a little up.

Over $5,000 Prizes:

Oh my, did I mention all the amazing sponsors and their wonderful prizes that came together to make this all happen?

The Grand Prize:

  • Berkleemusic is offering the winner one free class at their online college for their upcoming September 27th term; they get to pick from over 130 cutting-edge classes. Did you want to take a class on Online Marketing With Topspin? Or, maybe you will decide that it's best to brush up on your Voice Technique or Slap Bass skills instead. The option is open.
  • Exclusive online marketing presence analysis and case study performed by the staff at the indie music marketing hub ReverbNation. This premier into optimizing the winners direct-to-fan efforts will be featured on Hypebot.
  • Jay Frank, Senior Vice President of Strategy at CMT and author of Future Hit.DNA, will perform a "hit-analysis" on one of the winner’s songs. Using the fifteen points he talks about in his book, he will provide the artist with advice on how to create their next chart topping hit song.
  • Bruce and I will also provide our personal consulting services the winner and featuring them as a exclusive Hypebot case study.
  • A SoundCloud yearly Pro Plus account.
  • A one-year Sonicbids Supersonic membership.
  • A Music Power Network membership
  • $100 Berklee Press gift certificate.image from www.sortmusic.com
  • ReverbNation Press Kit for one year.
  • Bandzoogle subscription for one year.
  • Tunecore will distribute your album.

The Three Runner-Up Prizes:

  • Bruce and I will feature the three runner-ups on Hypebot, featuring each in their own insight-driven case study where we let the growing community analyze and advise the artist, based on their specific wants and needs.
  • Tunecore will distribute your album too.
  • SoundCloud yearly Lite accounts.
  • ReverbNation Press Kit for one year.
  • Bandzoogle subscription for one year.

How To Enter The Hit Song Contest:

Awesome prizes, right? Thank our wonderful sponsors for that. In saying that, I think your ready to embarrass yourself a little and get your inner pop star on.

  1. Visit this page and grab the lyrics.
  2. Record an orignal cover of the song.
  3. Upload your creation to our SoundCloud page.
  4. Wait through three weeks of voting.
  5. (Hopefully) Claim your prizes.

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