Poorsquare Guides You To Deals On Tour

PoorlogotextPoorsquare is a newly created hack created at the General Assembly's recent Reinventing Local Hackathon in New York City. Though it's not actually a musician-focused service, it features local deals at bars and eaterys that musicians on tour may find of use as you struggle with this multipronged recession.

The O Music Awards blog big upped Poorsquare as a service of use to touring musicians. Since it's brand new, it's not really going to help folks outside of around 12 cities scattered across the U.S. but it is something to keep an eye on for future use. They tweeted that they'd be adding additional cities and deals on an ongoing basis and New York, NY already has 598 freebies listed.

Poorsquare is tied into Foursquare, hence the similar name, and many of the deals connect to a Foursquare check-in or related social actions such as a Tweet or Facebook share. One nice feature, for those using Google Calendar, is the ability to save deals to GCal thus having special deals integrated into one's scheduling on the road.

Poorsquare is another project of the hackathon movement, in this case, Reinventing Local that took place in New York City on November 5th and 6th. As is typical of such events, not all the hacks are readily available and many will just become a great experience for the programmer.

I'm starting to keep a closer eye on the hackathon scene since some of them are producing interesting music services. Feel free to hit me up at the email below if you're planning on taking such a service beyond a weekend of fun.

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