Perry Farrell Says He Can Save Music Industry With Music Tax & More Gov’t Regulation

image from Jane's Addition founder Perry Farrell, who along with concert promoters C3 and William Morris Endeavor, own the Lollapalooza festival have formed a partnership with the city of Chicago that he says can be a model to help save both struggling local, state and federal government agencies, and the entire music industry.

"I think that government should work with the music industry on many levels, not only on the level of the parks and recreation, which is how Lollapalooza does it," Perry told Ray Waddell at "We've probably raised close to $10 million just for the parks. And ancillary income to the city on that weekend of Lollapalooza is over $30 million. So that city is getting a lot for allowing Lollapalooza to be there, and it's giving mental health to the patrons in giving them a place to let off steam and enjoy themselves."

But Farrells's vision extends the federal government, as well. "I think that the government should help to regulate online music distribution and the music industry should give a little to the government for two reasons," he continued. "For one, if the government gets involved and helps to regulate, there would be more money coming into the recording industry and that means more money for the musicians. And it's also a good idea because you could take some of that money and put it into music education. The government could take that money and use it for school systems, which don't have any idea how to get those music programs going again."

Farrell isn't clear on exactly how the government should regulate music or collect funds, but he wants to be on the organizing committee: "I'd like to raise my hand right now and say I'd like to be part of that... It should be a case where the touring music industry, the recording music industry, distribution, all should sit down with government to figure out how we can get music to be really healthy again and recycle that money back into music, back into education, back into the city's parks and recreations where we have these great parties."

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