Oppose Vs. Propose

Expanding on yesterday’s post…

If you want to change anything – your life, your community or your world – you have two choices on how to go about it.

  1. You can make change by opposing the thing you want to change.
  2. You can make change by proposing a new and better way to do that thing or to do something completely new that makes the old thing moot.

It is only a subtle difference between the two but it makes all the difference.

When you endeavor to make change by opposing something you inherently bring conflict and battle into the situation.  To oppose something invokes an image of taking up a calcified stance, not yielding, pushing and doing battle.  Inherent in this position is a view of right vs. wrong, good vs. bad.  At times this may be necessary, but harboring this kind of thinking can be hard on your mind.

On the flip side you can change something by proposing a new idea, a better way.  In proposing something you are inherently a creator, giving life to something.  To propose something invokes an imagine of bravely offering up a new idea, being thoughtful and resourceful.  It may be harder at first to be for something than against it but the feeling of creation is viral.

Think of all the great people who have made significant changes in our society.  They disliked the status quo, yes, but they didn’t just blinding oppose it with no solution.  They proposed a new way, a new business, or a new product.  In the process they made the previous status quo moot – they bowled it over with their new way.  Consider Martin Luther King (proposed racial equality in the US), Ghandi (proposed a more just and free India) , Apple (proposed a better home-based computer), Google (proposed a better way to search information on the Internet) and so on.  They all stood for something and that is what rallies people and empowers them to push further.

If you want to make great changes in your life, in your community or in this world, then stand up and propose a solution.  It takes bravery but nothing great ever happened without it.

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