Occupy Music Movement Grows With Occupy Musicians Petition

image from www.google.comMusicians have gotten involved with the Occupy Movement in many locations both on and offline. A new initiative seeks to focus that energy starting with an Occupy Musicians petition in support of the movement. But Occupy Musicians hopes to become much more than just a petition and plans to provide additional resources.

Musicians Occupy Wall Street

Ginny Suss and Vanessa Wruble at Okayplayer helped Occupy Musicians get a petition online that has already been signed by a number of musicians in support of the simple statement:

"We, the undersigned musicians and all who will join us, support Occupy Wall Street and the Occupy Movement around the world."

If this is something you'd like to join, here's the basic information:

"Are you a working musician in support of the statement above and the Occupy Movement? Please send us an email with your name, instruments, musical affiliations, and location to occupymusicians at gmail dot com.  [We mean 'musicians' broadly, as in sound engineers, sound artists, producers, DJs, producers, instrumentalists, composers, lyricists, etc]"

I'll have to check and see if they include music writers!

In their press release, they share some of their plans to also "serve as a resource":

• to facilitate performances at Occupy spaces and events
• provide links to media wishing to interview Occupy-supporting musicians
• host testimony and other writings of musicians for why they support the 99 percent
• host embedded media to Occupy-related songs and music videos
• network musicians to Occupy locations and Occupy fund raisers

You can also connect on Twitter at @weoccupymusic.

Occupy Musicians is allied with Occupy Writers and Occupy Filmmakers.

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