Observations on Walking

In a fast paced world, there are still a few ways to enjoy simplicity.  Walking is one of those ways.  I find it so enjoyable that I have built it into my day as: transportation (I walk to work), utility (I walk to the store at times), activity (hiking on trails outside of town), and community (walking to friends houses with friends/family).

Here are some simple stories about walking, a reminder to enjoy the simple things in our day:

  1. When I was a little kid, I grew up in the country.  At that age my backyard was an entire world – endlessly explorable.  I knew nothing else.  I walked all over that back yard, into the woods, into the neighboring farm, up on the hillsides, the stream, the pond, and around the house.  I loved it and needed nothing else.
  2. In the summers we would go to Cape May, NJ for a one-week vacation.  The house we rented was in town and in the downtown was a pedestrian mall.  On the beautiful summer evenings we would walk from the house down the stone sidewalks, past the Victorian homes to the pedestrian mall where we had access to outdoor music, candy and ice cream shops, and people enjoying their time.  This was my introduction to “urban” walking and the benefits of home being close to commercial districts.  Those nights were magical.
  3. This winter dumped several feet of snow on the east coast, especially in Virginia.  There were several days when residents of our small city were snowed in.  On these days, people were outside walking the streets, owning the streets really (because there were only a few cars on the roads).  People were smiling and saying hello to one another, much more than normal.  People were happy to be walking in such a beautiful scene.

Walking gives us the opportunity to notice the delicate trim work on the house we pass every day.  We can look our neighbor in the eye, smile, and say hello when we pass them on the street.  The spring blooms smell delightful.  Walking feels good and allows you the chance to access enjoyment in simplicity.

P.S.  Please share your favorite walking stories, memories, or observations.  Click the little button below to “comment.” Thanks!

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