Now and Later Offer

Not quite ready for post production? That's ok. Get this spectacular offer Now and use it Later.

Welcome, congrats and here's to your SUCCESS!

You made it this far and I want to commend you on taking action to do so.

That's a HUGE accomplishment.

You may be thinking to yourself... "Big deal. I followed a link inside an email."

Well, I'm here to tell you that this is a big deal. A very big deal!

You read all four emails so I'm sure you either don't want to be like Tim or you do want to be like Marcus. Either way it shows that you're dedicated to your art.

I don't have a number in front of me, but I would say a very small percentage are as committed to their craft as you.

(I should probably try to get that figure. I'll bet it would be helpful right about now.)

Here's to YOU!!!

You're well on your way to finishing a masterpiece. Your Masterpiece! There's nothing more satisfying then conceptualizing, creating, finalizing then releasing art out into the world. This is exactly where it needs to be and you are now one step closer. So THANK YOU for choosing us to help bring your dream to life!

Music isn't as easy to make as your audience thinks.

But I don't have to tell you that.

You were once a fan, in the audience and wanting to be the star on stage. Then as you started writing and creating your music you knew first-hand how hard it is. So what I'd like you to do right now is stand up. Find a mirror and look into it. Now pat yourself on the back and say these words...

"I am a musical genius and a force that will need to be reckoned with. From this point forward I will not quit. I will not waver from my goals and I WILL finish what I've started!"

As you know there's a lot of musical competition out there. Some of it good, most of it bad and hardly any of it is great.

Do you know what separates the good from the great?

  • Absolute dedication to your craft.
  • Your art.
  • Your inner being.
  • That passion that's driving you to write.
  • To create.

You are WAAAY ahead of the pack right now.

So stay focused and lead.

Lead so well that you leave your musical mark in this world.

This offer closes in...

2016/10/13 15:15:33

Next Steps.

Below are three of the best discounts we have EVER offered.

They're specifically designed for IDMs like yourself. (If you recall that's Insanely Dedicated Musicians.)

There's only one reason why we're doing this now.

And that reason comes in the form of a single word...


We're here to help compel YOU, the artist, to finish your creation and get it out there. In the world. Where it needs to be.

There really is no other reason why we would work in such a competitive, low margin business at an even lower margin rate other than to get your work out of your head or off of your hard drive.

  • We believe in artist.
  • We want to see them thrive.
  • And we want to help.

Here's what we're offering.

We have three incredible deals for you to choose from. All are at very steep discounts.

Features included in these deals are not found anywhere else at this price. At least I've never seen so much value offered at such low prices.

  • UNLIMITED CHANGES. It's done when you say it's done! Nobody else does this at any price range.
  • UNLIMITED TRACKS PER MIX. You can have 10 tracks or 200. Most engineers will charge more after 24 tracks. Not us.
  • A 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. We won't stop working until you are completely happy with our work. And  by "our" we mean the work you and us do together. We are your Post Production partner on a piece of art so neither one of us should ever finish a project without being completely satisfied with the outcome.

I don't know about you, but I've never seen a deal like this anywhere in the independent audio engineering world. It's absolutely unique and I'm glad wehave an opportunity to bring it to you.

And, as the title describes. You can buy it NOW use it LATER.

If you're interested please Opt-In and let's talk more.


Our core service

Per song

Unlimited Changes

No track limit

Save $50


Take it to the next level

Per song

Unlimited Changes

CD, DDP or Digital File Delivery

A $25 Discount




Remember. Closing time is in...

2016/10/13 15:15:33

*The fine print

Because the goal here is for you do finish what you started we're making this offer available for purchase until October 07, 2016. Once purchased you have until December 31, 2016 to use it. The reason we're limiting the use date to the end of 2016 is that we want you to commit to completing your art and get it out in the world as soon as possible. It's not doing you any good to have it in your brain or sit on a shelf somewhere. Get it out there and let the rest of the world experience your genius.

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