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This week at Music Think Tank regular industry commentator Bruce Warila poses the peculiar question to readers: "If I were a record label and you were an artist, would you marry me anyways, would you have my baby?"

My answer to his question is something that he will have to wait for... Aside from the attention grabbing headline what his post is about is the importance of creating a more unified and co-branded artist community though which all acts under the revitalized label are then marketed under the same umbrella rather than of having their own separate identities; it's worth the read.

Next, we have a MTT first from Jason Mencer who reached out with this post idea when I made an announcement about looking for new authors a few weeks back; he had a really unique perspective and story to share.

I'm looking forward to seeing what he has to say in the coming months and learning how he creates a music festival one beer at a time. In this post, he gives the background of how he came to work in a brewery full of musicians and his dream of harnessing that talent and coming up with a creative and insightful way to help his co-workers make money from their art.

In another MTT first, Josiah Mann wants to make it in one year. He loosely defines this goal as being able to fully support himself with his music, recorded or performed, within 12 months from today. His group, Sufficient Cause, is starting from nothing and hoping to achieve their own version of success.

Mann intends to put in the hours and chronicle his journey and what he learns along the way. This should make for any interesting DIY test-run either way. The first stage of his plan is to build local buzz and go from there. Best of luck.

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