NARM’S Music Start Up Academy [Win Free Tuition!]

image from NARM is holding it's first Music Start Up Academy in NYC beginning April 14th. This series of six sessions is designed to provide insights into the structure, legal framework, content deals and business models needed to build a competitive music property. Coordinated by Bill Wilson, NARM’s VP of Digital Strategy & Business Development, and Nikke Slight, Founder of Act III Digital, each class will be taught by industry experts. 

NARM & General Assembly Music Start Up Academy Courses:

  • April 14 – Can it Be More Confusing? The Anatomy Of The Music Business -  Discuss the fundamentals, structure and economics- who the major players are, who controls which rights, the org chart of the business, and how each silo interoperates.  Instructor: J.J. Rosen, CEO, Indaba Music
  • April 28 – Label and Publishing Basics for Entrepreneurs -  A deeper dive into the economics of the music industry, including performance rights, including understanding the various rights for master recordings and songwriting. We will also go over the various legal issues surrounding music product development. Instructor: Fred Beteille, Sr. Director, Strategic Technology, HFA
  • May 19 – Music Industry Content Acquisition and Business Development - Want Lady Gaga for your music service? A cool product isn’t enough. What are the “dos and don’ts” in licensing vast libraries of major content. Learn the third rails and how to manage navigating around the barriers to entry. Instructor: Nikki Slight, Act III Digital
  • May 26 – Avast! The High Seas of Music Piracy and the Law - A lively discussion on what constitutes piracy and fair use and implications on entrepreneurs. Instructor: David Hughes, SVP Technology, RIAA
  • June 9 – Getting Under The Hood: Music Operations For CTOs and Developers - Once a deal is done on the legal side, technical teams need to work out content delivery and royalty reporting mechanisms. This course will discuss industry XML standards for content delivery, and royalty reporting, metadata, best practices, and troubleshooting. Instructor: Josh Builder, Vice President, Product Development & Operations, The Orchard
  • June 23 – Tales from the Trenches - Tales from the front lines on the good, the bad, the ugly. Real, practical lessons from veterans on the reality of life in a music start-up. Instructor: Larry Miller, CEO, ROBA Interactive

REGISTER: The classes will be held from 6pm-7:30pm at the new General Assembly NYC campus for $30 per session or $150 for the full course.  You can register here.

WIN: Tell us why you would benefit from attending the Music Start Up Academy in the comments section below, and one lucky winner gets free tuition to the course.  Entries must be received by Midnight Sunday 4/10/11 and will be announced on Hypebot oN Monday.

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