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Dswdw23 There's a zillion music blogs out there. Hype Machine aggregates the best of them. Even if you only follow a few, there's tons of info to sort through. There's another zillion sites that champion themselves as music discovery tools, but good luck finding a one that can suggest a song that feels spontaneous and alive. It just doesn't happen.

What you end up with is a bunch of bands that you've been discovering for the last ten years, because the sites can't dig down deep and offer something new.

Then there's the fact that we all get busier every year and have less and less time to go searching for music. We're busy bodies that live for music, but often the best we can do is turn on a Pandora station and hope a great song comes on.

So, what's the answer?

One company called mySpoonful thinks that there's a market to be tapped in offering weekly curated tracks to people that live hectic lives. They send a e-mail out on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday – one new artist and one free song.

If you're already shaking your head, there's good reason to. This isn't exactly a new idea. I've been receiving daily e-mail updates from Track in the Box since November. Quite honestly, being a busy body myself, I love the idea of single song servings via e-mail. The problem is that in practice it's actually a terrible idea. Anyone who is a busy body is already sitting on a mountain of e-mail.

This is why, despite my best intent, I don't think I've opened a single e-mail from Track in the Box. I feel like sending more e-mails to busy people sort of adds insult to injury, as we already get too many of those. I don't want more e-mail.

Perhaps, they will create a music app and let us listen to songs that way.

It would work better.

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