Music Industry RoundUp – February 23rd, 2012

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INDUSTRY NEWS: Roger Mincheff Named President Of Myspace Entertainment.
Myspace (, a leading social entertainment destination that connects artists and fans with the content they crave, has tapped Roger Mincheff to lead Myspace Entertainment as president. Myspace Entertainment will be Myspace’s internal production and entertainment division responsible for original programming and content.

MIXING TIPS: Walk Away From Your Mixes.
If we’re being honest, most of the time the best thing we can do for our mixes is to walk away. Whether you’re mixing for a client for your own material, we need to not only take breaks, but have a system in place that allows some separation to occur before we give our mixes the final seal of approval and “print” them. Start Your Mixes Fresh.
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MASTERING TIPS: 20 Tips On Home Mastering.
This isn’t the most current article is this RoundUp, but the list is still very relavent.
Now that so many musicians are completing the entire album-making process in their own studios, mastering is becoming an increasingly important skill. Paul White offers a few pointers to becoming a Master of mastering.
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MUSIC PRODUCTION: Traditional vs. Fast Parallel Processing In Logic Pro.
Using parallel processing can be a great way to gain control over extreme effects and use them in your mix without worrying about over-cooking your signals. In Logic Pro (and many other DAWs) there are usually a few ways to set up parallel effects mixes. Here’s the lowdown.
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To learn more about parallel processing, namely parallel compression check out this Logic video on Mixing Electronica. That genre thrives on this technique.

MUSIC MARKETING: Branding vs. Positioning. Guest post by Cliff Zellman.
Lately, there has been an over abundance of self-injected philosophies on Branding… What I rarely hear being discussed is Positioning. Why? Maybe it’s not as sexy as branding. BRANDING! Wow that’s a cool word, so instant and so final at the same time. It sounds so powerful. This is MINE!

ARTIST DEVELOPMENT: Musician Press Kits (Some Suggestions to Get Them Opened).
The first step to creating a good press kit is to package what you’ve got in a way that it will be opened. I’ve gotten some pretty “extreme” packages over the years, and those work, but there are also more subtle ways to stand out, which is what I’ll be looking at here.
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THE LISTENING ROOM: Music Recommendation – Lucky Soul “A Coming of Age”
I’ve been a fan of this band for quite some time now. They have a 60’s vibe going with all of the elements of a classic Motown group. They have the horns, twangy guitar, nah-nah singsong breakdowns and that unmistakable lead vocal slap delay. Having been in advertising for more than 15 years now I can’t figure out why “Get Outta Town” was not in more ads. It’s a perfect fit for any brand looking to promote a great time. And let’s not forget about “White russian Doll” and “Woah, Billy“. Both are good time jams, indeed. (Disclosure: The links in the Listening Room for Lucky Soul are affiliate links.)

Lucky Soul "A Coming of Age"
Lucky Soul "A Coming of Age"

Wishing you all the best and happy music making.


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