Music Industry News: Virgin To Add Spotify, EU Downloads Subsidies, Bing Links Facebook & More

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  • Virgin Media is set to partner with Spotify on a subscription-based music service after plans for its own unlimited music download offering stalled. (Telegraph UK)
  • EU OK's French plan to subsidize the cost of legal downloads in a move to fight piracy. (Reuters)
  • sees U.S. launch – find the cheapest mp3s. (TechCrunch EU)

More Music Industry News & Commentary:

  • 6 Tips on Starting a Digital Business from the Founder of Pandora (Mashable)
  • As of today every user has full access to Twitter's new features 
  • Guitar Center has launched Your Next Record with Keith Urban, the second installment of a promotion that offers unsigned artists the chance to win career-altering opportunities. The winner in this competition will record a 3-song EP with a top producer and have three-time Grammy Award winner Urban appear on their single. OurSatge is power the promotion. (press release)
  • Microsoft Links Facebook To Bing (paidContent)
  • I Hate My Album: Five Artists Who Dissed Their Own Work. (HoustonPress)
  • Zune is Dead, Long Live Windows Phone 7? (PCMag)
  • Are reissues a rip-off? (Yahoo)
  • Wiseguys Tickets charged with hacking into Ticketmaster, LiveNation to illegally grab best seats. (NYDailyNews)
  • U2 boss urges net piracy crackdown. (Telegraph
  • Details In Mulve Arrest Highlight How Weak The Case Is. (TechDirt)

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