Music Industry News: SoundCloud’s Big $’s, Privacy Issues On Facebook, 7 Digital, Finetunes & More

Hypebot Favicon One nugget in Apple's earnings report yesterday was news that iPod sales aren't soaring like they used to. More proof, in my opinion, that every music company and artists needs a more aggressive smartphone strategy (congrats to ReverbNation on buying mobile developer Sound Around today) and that labels need to get realistic about streaming fees. And don't miss out on the fun of Day 1 at the Terra Firma & EMI vs. Citi trial.

  • SoundCloud appears close to closing a major new funding round. (All Things D)
  • EMI finally catches a break via a deal to spread out multi-million payments to its pension fund. (Professional Pensions)
  • Facebook acknowledges privacy issues with third party applications. (NY Times)

More Music Industry News & Commentary:

  • 7 Digital News: They've submited their iTunes-competing music app to Apple app store and will be bringing music to the Samsung Galaxy Tab.
  • Digital distributor finetunes has added a new service for its clients - Campaign Manager that enables promotion to DJs and media and monitor the results.
  • Music streaming seen boosting mobile sales: study. (Rueters)
  • VEVO has a new deal with Spanish-language media network Univision for their new Música site and across its local TV and radio station web sites. 
  • Sonos makes a $1 million bet on Apple's iAds. (Silicon Alley Insider)
  • R.I.P. - Minnesota rapper Eyedea dead at 28. (CNN)
  • Apple To Music Labels: “We’ll Make You An Offer You Can’t Refuse” (The Music Void
  • More people are watching movies online, but few are buying.  (LATimes)
  • Why pop music makes you remember things wrong: Pop's visceral ability to trigger memory makes it an obvious tool for historical storytellers. But those memories don't always tally with what really went on. (Guardian
  • Pandora Extends Mobile Ads to Small, Mid-Sized Firms. (DMW)
  • Audiogalaxy Returns; Choruss File Sharing Plans Falter. (GigaCom)

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