Music Industry News: Sirius, MXP4 + Push, Facebook Comments, $550K For SeatGeek, Radio & More

Hypebot Favicon How quickly the new music industry is evolving never ceases to surprise me. Several examples from today's headlines include a major new investment in INgrooves, Pandora's move in automobiles and the American Music Awards abandoning Billboard in favor of the Ultimate Chart. At the same time, an NPR Talk Of The Nation interview with one of our Skyline Music agency clients Victor Wooten and his book The Music Less brought me back to earth with a reminder that all we do must be in service of the music.

  • Sirius XM Ends Q3 With Record 19.8 Million Subs; State AGs Looking Closely (paidContent)
  • MP3 search engine Skreemer has been mothballed according to a spokesperson. (mp3Newswire)
  • MXP4's game-like app technology to be integrated with Push Entertainment's service for increased fan engagement and music revenue opportunities. (Press)
  • Facebook reportedly to update commenting plugin with votes and more. (Mashable) Lots of opportuinity for music marketers.

More Music Industry News & Commentary:

  • SeatGeek Secures A Deal With The Wall Street Journal And $550k In Funding (TechCrunch)
  • An in depth look at the recent EMI vs. UPC court decision that stopped short of forcing Irish ISP's to implement a 3 strikes policy. (Barry Sookman)
  • Pirate radio: a revolt that just won't die (even with $30,000 fines) (ars)
  • Bayside music label finds niche with TV. (JS Online)
  • Ning Everywhere adds mobile, 3rd party extension to artist social networks. (Sandbox)
  • Hip-Hop, Copyright + Cultural Legacy, Part 1 :: A Conversation With Angus Batey. (Cant'tStop
  • Seattle's Sonic Boom Records: Indie, But Not For Indie's Sake. (NPR
  • YouTube darlings OK Go rock to the whirr of their own treadmills, bark to their own beat. (National Post)
  • Why Every Musician Should Use iTunes Ping. (MusicianWages
  • The Art & Science of Music Recommendation Engines. (RWW)
  • Pirate Bay Prosecution Calls for Jail Time and Damages. (TF

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