Music Industry News: Police Visit Mulve, Windows Phone 7, Start-Up Troubles, Phish App & More

Hypebot Favicon You'd think that the major labels would know by now that Apple (like any good public corporation) has its own best interest and not the future of the recorded music industry in mind as it tries to stop Spotify from coming to the U.S.  Be sure to read the full story here.

  • Police Arrest Operator of Mulve Downloading App in UK. (TorrentFreak)
  • Windows Phone 7: Great software (with lots of music apps), awful name (Yahoo!) Watch for the formal announcement Monday morning.
  • Is it any wonder music start-ups don't make any money? Tiny margins and a complex web of licensing requirements are strangling innovation in the music industry. (Telegraph)

More Music Industry News & Commentary:

  •'s Live Phish mobile app used to stream and download Phish concerts after they happen received the Best Touring App award the Billboard Mobile Entertainment Live! conference in San Francisco.  It was up against Bonnaroo's festival app by Aloompa and the R5 music venue app from Ticketfly.
  • What Is Working? In the supposedly benighted music business, a lot of things are making money. (The Economist)
  • Is the entire notion of a band "selling out" even valid anymore in this day and age? (westord)
  • A Difference of Opinion: Sports vs Music Ticketing and the Resale Market (Outside The Box Office)
  • The hip-hop heritage society: Why aren't Public Enemy, Boogie Down Productions and other classic hip-hop acts lovingly reissued in the same way as other genres? Because guardians of rap's heritage need to be crate-diggers, lawyers and counsellors all in one. (Guardian)
  • Why Do Some Songs Fade Out At The End? (NPR)
  • US anti-P2P law firms sue more in 2010 than RIAA ever did. (Ars)
  • PayPal To Launch Micropayments Product At Developer Conference. (TechCrunch)
  • A Revolution in Sheet Music: The New iPad App. (KC)
  • Having a ball: In the supposedly benighted music business, a lot of things are making money. (Econ)

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