Music Industry News: Companion Albums, DJ Hero, Apple, WMG Earnings, Seth Godin, Beatport & More

Hypebot Favicon CMJ continues in NYC and in the same city the Terra Firma vs. Citi trial over EMI saw Guy Hands admitting that almost 70% of his wealth is tied up in a struggling EMI. And don't miss the really interesting winners from Boston's latest Music Hack Day and the amazing work that Andrew Dubber is doing in India as you and I sit zoning out in front of our computers.

  • Gaga, Swift and the rise of the "companion" album. (Vanity Fair)
  • DJ Hero 2 improves virtual wheels of steel, is a must-buy. (ars)
  • Apple says 7 billion apps have been downloaded. The company alss unveiled a new Mac Book Air with instant on and other iPad like features (paidContent).

More Music Industry News & Commentary:

  • Warner Music Group will release Q4 financial and fiscal year end results on a Wednesday, November 17 earnings call at 8:30 AM ET.   To access:  800-857-2625 or 210-234-6601 with the pass code "Warner Music.” 
  • Starbucks works with Yahoo! to launch an online network with news, blogs and music. (Seattle Times)
  • Muzicall has signed a pan-European deal with WMG to make the record company’s catalog available as mobile ringback tones.
  • Beatport has acquired U.K. web-based retailer Sounds/To/Sample, a download resource for music makers.
  • BBC and commercial radio unveil industry-wide Radioplayer.
  • Seth Godin Says to Give Music Away Free. So, Why Doesn't He Take His Own Advice?. (PeterHolmes)
  • Cee-Lo Green to host talk show on FUSE. (Myspace)
  • Keith Richards’ Autobiography: Setting Fire to Playboy Mansion, Hallucinating Cops As Dwarves Etc. Etc. (beatcave)
  • The songs remain the same, the profits rise: It's fine for bands to re-record their hits, says Elisa Bray – but don't let them tell you it's all about artistic integrity. (Indie)
  • Interview with Songwriters Guild of America President Rick Carnes on Choruss, the Songwriters Association of Canada and global licensing. (MusicTech)
  • What the music industry should do about copyright. (Music4.5
  • The Changing Landscape of Album Design. (PaperLeaf)
  • Jammie Thomas' third P2P trial looms; RIAA complains about cost. (Ars)
  • What's next for Pandora radio? Co-founder Tim Westergren discusses. (LATimes
  • Gerd Leonhard's new company: The Futures Agency (MediaFuturist)

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