More Music Inudstry News: New 50 Cent Deal, Ian Rogers, MuseOpen, EMI vs. Citi, Nokia & More

Hypebot Favicon The music industry news will have to speak for itself today, because I want to use my daily paragraph to congratulate Kyle Bylin on his two year anniversary.  If you still need confirmation of the power of "free", it's Kyle sending me unsolicited posts for 18+ months.  His talent and persistence (and the love that Hypebot readers showered on him) led to creating a full time post here at Hypebot and Skyline Music. We're proud to have him as part of our team.

  • 50 Cent signs a big new deal: "I did a deal this afternoon its gonna make me a loooot of money! I'll tell u about it later. I'm in a good mood" tweeted the rapper/entrepreneur. He promised more details today.
  • An interview with Ian Rogers on Topspin, Google and the state of the old and new music industry. (LA Times)
  • Musopen raises $40,000 via Kicktsarter to set classical music "free". (ars) 
  • EMI vs. Citi - A judge will rule no later than Sept 15th if the disagreement surrounding the 2007 purchase will go to trial. (Reuters)

More Music Industry News & Commentary:

  • Moguls and musicians thrash out filesharing. U2's manager and Gama Bomb's frontman enter the debate over whether to fight filesharing or embrace it. (Guardian)
  • Bob Marley's Work Declared 'Work For Hire,' Family Can't Get Rights Back. (Techdirt)
  • Nokia launches music phone X2 at Rs 6,579 (Economic Times) More executive chages are also rumored at the #1 mobile manufacturer.
  • Video Music Awards provide sideshows: Lady Gaga, Kanye West and Taylor Swift contribute to story lines at an event that, as usual, is not actually about trophies. (LA Times)
  • A profile of industry vet and Orchard exec Richard Gottherer. (NY Times) The Orchard also just cut a deal to release the Seseame Street music catalog including many of the classic music guest appearances.
  • Universal Music Group Nashville appoints Beverly Keel to SVP of Media & Artist Relations.
  • Norton Cybercrime Report: 46% Think Illegal Downloading is “Legal.” (ZeroPaid)
  • Sony announces a 128GB disc format. (Inquirer)
  • The Indie Rock Swindle: The Polaris Prize rewards Canada’s not-so-independent indie musicians. (Walrus
  • Martin Atkins: 10 Ideas For Making Your Show an Event. (Eventric
  • The Face of Facebook: Mark Zuckerberg opens up. (NewYorker)
  • Disaster for Twitter: John Mayer quits. (CNet)

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