More Music Industry News: we7 Loses Money, The Real Cost Of Free, Gene Simmons, Startups & More

image from Yesterday at the Future of Music Coalition Policy Summit, Tim Westergren, founder of Pandora, confided to the audience that the site's registered userbase has reached 65 million. In other news, UK music streaming service we7 has disclosed a £3.66m loss for 2009. There's a number of great commentaries too, ranging from Cory Doctorow on the real cost of free, Wayne Rosso on the bleak digital future of the record industry, and a Guardian piece that delves into why music startups don't make any money.

  • we7 reveals £3.66m loss for 2009. (MusicAlly)
  • The real cost of free: Commenters who claim I tell artists to give their work away for free are wrong... (Guardian
  • Is it any wonder music start-ups don't make any money? (Telegraph
  • The Dream Is Over: Music Labels Have Killed Their Digital Future. (PaidContent)

More Music Industry News & Features:

  • Gene Simmons of KISS has some choice words about how the record industry shoud've handled file-sharing. (MIP
  • Warner Bros. Hires Transpera’s Ballard To Lead Digital Games. (PaidContent)
  • Dan Rosen appointed new CEO of ARIA and PPCA. (MN)
  • Breaking!!!: A Handful Of Dudes Control The Live Music Industry. (NPR)
  • Spotify debuts on Windows Phone. (Spotify)
  • High court grants BT customer data delay: BT granted adjournment to delay passing of private customer to UK law firm. (Gaurdian
  • No, New Music Doesn't Suck. (HuffPost)
  • Pirate Bay Appeal Trial Day 4: “P2P is About Freedom of Speech” (ZeroPaid)
  • Senate antipiracy bill shelved--for now. (Cnet)
  • The Plot Escapes Me. Why do we forget what we read? (NYT)  
  • Going Back: A Conversation with Phil Collins. (HuffPost)
  • CRIA, Why Canada Can’t Have Nice Things Like Pandora. (ZeroPaid)
  • How The MPAA Is Using The Law To Protect Its Business Model. (Techi)
  • Why Have So Many Companies Settled Over Ridiculous Patent For 'Online Music Distribution'? (TechDirt
  • Pirate Bay Appeal Day 5: Screenshots Prove Nothing. (TorrentFreak)
  • Long Live the Music Industry, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Lyrics... (HuffPost

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