More Music Industry News: U.S. Legislation Stalls, Windfall For EMI, Trademarking Music & More

Hypebot Favicon Congratulations! We all made it through another week.  Don't forget that every Saurday, we publish REWIND: The Music Industry's Week in Review and highlights from a week of posts on our sister blog Music Think Tank. I've been talking to the folks at SXSW Music this week about some things their cooking up for this year. Leaving Monday for two days in Nashville including the IEBA live music conference with Skyline Music's Jeff Miller, but thanks to some extra help from Kyle there won't be any interruption in coverage.

  • There will me no immediate vote on U.S. broadcast performance royalties (FMQB), and It now appears that several controversial internet and digital technology bills will remained stalled in congressional committees until next year. (Politico)
  • EMI wins sample goods case and paves the way for UK industry VAT windfall. (Music Ally)
  • Forget Just Copyright, Now People Are Trademarking Music As Well. (Techdirt)

More Music Industry News & Features:

  • New at YouTube: Seven new languages plus four new countries get partner program and new editing features.
  • How Filmmakers Use Crowdfunding to Kickstart Productions. (PBS)
  • MUSIC VIDEO: How to make a quality music video… whatever that means. (IndieOnTheMove)
  • Curious Generation: is this what music industry 2.0 looks like? The intransigence of the record industry is creating new opportunities for entrepreneurs. (Telegraph)
  • The extremism destroying the Internet's content promise: An idiotic Senate bill, copyright trolls, and Big Entertainment are threatening freedom of information -- will they destroy legitimate Internet content in the process? (InfoWorld)
  • Rightsflow celebrates their 3rd Anniversary today.
  • What is the Role of the Artist in a Digital Age? (DMW)
  • Lawyers to continue piracy fight. A London law firm has pledged to continue to target file sharers, despite controversy surrounding the acquisition and care of users' data. (BBC)
  • Is Print Really Dying? An in-depth look at the past, present, and future of video-game print magazines, with insight from industry professionals. (GamePro)
  • Elizabeth & The Catapult's "You And Me," Plus Conversations with T-Bone Burnett, Next BIG Nashville's Jason Wilkins, and Author Jay Frank. (HuffPost)

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