More Music Industry News: Twitter May Sell Followers, MP3Tunes, Prince, Ticket Sales & More

Hypebot Favicon“Apple has proven that every time an iPod is created, an indie band gets their wings.” - TM
  • Hypebot recent covered the questionable process of buying Twitter followers using third party services.  Now comes word that Twitter is considering getting directly involved in a similar sales scheme. (MediaMemo)
  • image from www.ehomeupgrade.com MP3Tunes offers an alternative to paid streaming with its "Buy Anywhere, Stream Anywhere"  music locker in the cloud. (TechCrunch, founder Michael Robertson's blog)
  • Prince's war with iTunes plays into the hands of illegal filesharers. - Prince is right to have issues with iTunes and YouTube. But making his album available only to Mirror readers goes against his philosophy of reaching as many listeners as possible. (Guardian)
  • Music Industry Threatens OpenBitTorrent’s New Hosting Provider - OpenBitTorrent is a non-commercial BitTorrent tracker that doesn’t host or link to torrent files. Despite this seemingly neutral setup, both Hollywood and the music industry have declared war against what they see as an illegal service. (TorrentFreak)
  • image from blog.ourstage.com New Music Seminar starts up on the July 19. They are offering Hypebot readers a two-for-one registration for 175$. The discount code to use when registering online is “nmsny10.” Offer ends on July 15.
  • How People Are Using the iPad: 29% users would not buy an MP3 player after buying it.  Try running with an iPad.  (Mashable)
  • Spotify launches for Linux.
  • The Creativity Crisis: For the first time, research shows that American creativity is declining. What went wrong? How we can fix it? (Newsweek)
  • How Foursquare Will Become the Google of Local. (Techi)
  • As the Internet loses its way, the cloud will carry the most importance. (ReadWriteWeb)
  • 10 Crowd-Funding Tips From Kickstarter Filmmakers. (RoofTopFilms)
  • The Apple Effect: Ads That Have Launched Music Careers. (Mashable
  •  5 Easy Ways to Clean up Your Music Collection. (FriedBeef)image from www.unitedreggae.com
  • Billboard has announced the judges for its Music App Awards, which will recognize the most innovative music-focused apps created for the iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Nokia platforms. Notable judges include MC Hammer, Ian Rogers of Topspin, and Eliot Van Buskirk of Wired
  • Concert ticket sales are down 15% so far this year. (Pollstar)
  • Music labels unite to sue porn sites. (DigitalSpy)
  • R.I.P. - Reggae dancehall legend Sugar Minott. (United Reggae)

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