More Music Industry News: Torrent Users Switch, iPad DRM, Music Reports Adds Zune & More

  • Blocked Pirate Bay Users Flock to Other Torrent Sites. Last week an Italian court ruled that ISPs should block access to The Pirate Bay. A few days later this block was enforced, but it is doubtful that the blockade will affect the piracy rate at all since other torrent sites are experiencing a massive increase in Italian visitors. (TorrentFreak)
  • image from Report: Apple's iPad E-Book Store to Use DRM. (PC World) Is anyone surprised?
  • Steve Jobs is begining work on for an authorized biography. (NY Times)
  • Music Reports has entered into an agreement with Zune to administer the music publishing licensing and royalty accounting for the Zune Pass subscription service in the United States. (press release)
  • EMI Music has partnered with Australian telco AAPT to launch a new digital music service that comes bundled with unlimited broadband and home phone line rental. (Music Week)
  • Nokia Comes With Music is now in 27 markets worldwide. (Music Ally). I've heard that despite struggling in the UK CWM is a hit in India and some developing countries.
  • Music journalism is the new piracy. (The EFF on the Google music blog take down and more.)
  • Direct-to-Fan music marketing and commerce provider Nimbit announced that legendary singer-songwriter Suzanne Vega is partnering with the company to market and promote her new release “Close Up, Vol 1.”
  • To Bundle Of Not To Bundle: Students Tennessee's Belmont University  wrote a response to image from several research papers about digital bundling is entitled "Debunking the Bundle".
  • D.I.Y. success story Joe Pug releases a new album this week. (Joe Pug) FYI I got this from his publicist so Pug, like all smart artists, Pug has assembled a team.
  • Digital distributor IODA and CD Presents will release PUNK! The Greatest Generation (1977-97), a collection of 28 albums from such punk and alternative greats as the Avengers, Black Flag, Circle Jerks and Bad Brains. The music collection includes unreleased and re-released albums and will be available exclusively at for the first month.

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