More Music Industry News: Ping Reaction Mixed, Music On TV, iTunes Keeps 30 Sec. Samples, Sonos Adds Spotify, Zaptunes & More

Hypebot Favicon Apple's announcements which we tweeted and posted yesterday caused quite a stir and we'll be analyzing what it all means for weeks.  For now, the "is Facebook or connected to Ping or not?" story is dominating today's headlines. (It's not.)  Be sure to stop by tomorrow for a Hypebot tradition - a pre-holiday online meetup. Introduce yourself to our community and shamelessly plug your projects.

  • German indie label group Ministry of Sound has changed its name to Embassy Of Music.
  • Apple's new social network Ping is getting mixed reviews. "Intriguing But Falls Far Short" says Forresters Mark Mulligan. "Arlready Too Big To Fail" says Eliot on Epicenter. It offers huge opportunities for music discovery and marketing, but can it survive unless it connects to Facebook?
  • Take a look at Billboard's Top 5 TV Music Events For The Fall and you'll know why TV has less influence on music sales. (Billboard) The list says something about Billboard too, but I'm feeling charitable...

More Music Industry News & Commentary:

  • MySpace and Fuse TV announce a cross promotion. (Reuters)
  • Music publishers stopped iTunes plan for longer song samples. (Cnet)
  • A wrap up of yesterday's Apple music announcements. (Hypebot)
  • RIAA: Copyright Holders Make it Difficult to Replicate OiNK, What.CD (ZeroPaid)
  • Sonos has added Spotify to the growing list of services that can stream over its wonderful all-house wireless music system. It's only available in Europe, of course. (Guardan)
  • Record Labels Flip Out After Indian Copyright Board Massively Lowers Radio Royalties. (Techdirt)
  • 13 Unlucky Reasons Why Zaptunes is Bullshit -  For those keen to avoid raping and pillaging music from the nearest torrent site, a one-stop shop where unlimited DRM-free music can be bought for next to nothing must be a great attraction. Zaptunes, a new site advertising just that, has been making headlines this week. Trouble is, everything about it is a scam. (TorrentFreak)
  • Track and Share your Music Listening Activity with (IndieMusicTech)
  • CMJ announces its panels. (CMJ)

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