More Music Industry News: MySpace, Supreme Court + P2P, Mute Goes Indie, EU Gets Tough & More

Hypebot Favicon(UPDATED) One of the more interesting stories to watch is MySpace's effort to become relevevant again. We're going to find out if having deep pockets and huge resources matter when they relaunch on October 15th. But there's plenty of action in the meantime. So far this week two more VP's have exited. I'm not sure if they were pushed or jumped ship, but MySpace Music's Frank Hajdu left for points unkown and VP of Communications Tracy Akselrud resigned to join Brew Media Relations.  Plus yeserday the very uncool MySpace Records named a new GM and managed to make a deal with the usually cutting edge Downtown Records.  

  • A semi-quirky take on music, but great read overall.
    The College Bound Musician's Checklist. (MTT)
  • Supreme Court could take its first RIAA file-sharing case. (ars)
  • Mute Records will go independent again but stiill work with EMI.
  • Rhapsody move revs up independence march. (CNet)
  • Hip Digital Media has acquired Promotional Currency.

More Music Industry News & Commentary:

  • Why Music Critics Write So Many Favorable Reviews. (PopMatters)'
  • European Parliament Approves Gallo Report: Opens The Door To More Bad IP Laws & Enforcement (Techdirt)
  • MobBase, which offers easy to creat artist iPhone apps, has integrated their API with Soundcloud and BandsInTown, They've also added new distribution partners including BFM Digital, Ditto Music, Musicfinity and The Indie.
  • Next Big Sound - Interview with Alex White. (BenZing)
  • If Opie & Anthony Leave Sirius XM Will You Leave Too? (CrunchGear)
  • France Starts Reporting ‘Millions’ of File-Sharers.. (TorrentFreak)
  • Supreme Court May Tune In To Music Download Case. (LegalTimes)
  • A startup indie radio station gains a toehold in an unfriendly universe. (CSMonitor)
  • The Density of Innovation. (Atlantic)
  • Five Steps to a Successful Album Pre-Sale. (ASCAP)
  • How Social Media has Changed the Game for Documentary Filmmaking. (Mashable)
  • The New PR, pt. 1: The Importance of Tastemaking. (TyWhite)
  • Love, Music & APIs: Why the music industry should embrace developers (MidemNet)

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