More Music Industry News: iTunes Samples, Facebook Down, Arcade Fire + Google, Twitter OAuth. Old Kentucy Blogger Gets Job & More

Hypebot Favicon Apple's music event is tomorrow. We'll skip most of the rumors and deliver the facts as they become available. Don't forget that there's one week left to enter our Data Driven Song Contest. It's free to enter and there are more than $5000 in prizes. Details here.

  • iTune's song sample may double in lnegth. (CNet)
  • Facebook was down for many users this morning. (Mashable)
  • Arcade Fire and Google have created a site that uses the band's new music to show off the potential of HTML5 and Google's Chrome browser in some creative ways. (GoogleSome have dismissed this as pointless fluff, but I think it hints at the potential of artists taking the "album" in all kinds for exctiing digital directions.

Music Industry News & Commentary Continued:

  • My Old Kentucky Blog founder Craig "Dodge" Lile has joined marketer Raidious as Director of Interactive Strategy. He'll continue to blog, promote concerts and do a radio show on XM. (press release) I'm hoping that he also starts giving time management lessons.
  • A Pew Internet study showed that April 2009 to 2010 social networking use grew 88% among net users aged 55-64, and those 65 and older's social networking grew 100%.
  • Twitter moves to OAuth. - Twitter is killing support for basic user authentication in third-party apps this morning. Instead, Twitter will now require all developers to use OAuth for user id. (Epicenter)
  • Psychographics and fan retention. George Howard explores finding and communicating with your true fans. (Future Of Music)
  • Napster has added an app that connects with Samsung TVs, Blu-ray players and Blu-ray home theater systems.
  • 10 Women Music Writers To Read Now. (NPR)
  • YouTube is offering advertisers more control.
  • Meet ExtensionFM, the Music Start-Up Google Should Buy. (MM)
  • Memo to Artists: Keep Your Day Job - Says Artists Should Work Regular Jobs, And Not Just For The Money. (ABC)
  • Sasha Frere-Jones, FUNKY PRECEDENT: The delicate art of revivals. (NewYorker)
  • 7 Steps to Metadata Utopia In Digital Music. (SentricMusic)
  • Never can say goodbye: Five acts who can say retired, but just can't seem to stay retired. (Westword)
  • George Howard: Psychographics and Fan Retention. (Berklee)
  • Wrongfully Accused Of File-Sharing? File For Harassment. (TF)
  • Trade groups: policing our digital copyrights is just too hard. (ars)

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