More Music Industry News: Google Music Coser, Thumbplay Adds Offline, WMG Loss Projected, Blackberry, BitTorrent Study & More

  • image from Google
    has reportedly opened talks with the Harry Fox Agency as part of an accelerated effort to open a its own music service. (NY Post) Rumors have Google Music launching before Christmas, but I'm not so sure...
  • Thumbplay Music now features offline play for Android smartphones.
    Android users can save albums and playlists and play their music
  • EFF Urges Appeals Court to Protect Free Expression and Innovation in UMG v. Veoh. (EFF)
  • hits iPhone, lets you stream your music collection from the cloud (TechCrunch EU)

  • image from Analysts
    , on average, expect Warner Music to report a loss of $.33 on sales of $693 million when it announces results on on August 5th. (SmartTrend)
  • If Your Music Business Model Is To Make Money On Live Shows, Make Those Live Shows Experiences To Remember. (Techdirt) Mike Masnik riffs on Kyle's Hypebot interview with Rich Huxley of the UK band Hope And Social. Both are great reads.
  • Apple loses big in DRM ruling: iPhone jailbreaks are "fair use". (ars)
  • Blackberry’s Era May Be Ending (NY Times)
  • Don't call it a comeback: Premature retirements. - As Amanda Bynes returns from career cancellation, we salute others who just couldn't stay out of the spotlight. (Salon)
  • Tech News Sites Tout Misleading BitTorrent Piracy Study. - A new study has been making the rounds, concluding that only 0.3% of all files available on BitTorrent are confirmed to be ‘legal’. The results of the study were promoted by anti-piracy outfit AFACT and have been picked up by several news outlets, including Ars Technica and ZDNet, who all failed to see that the report is bogus. (TorrentFreak)
  • Nancy Baym Interviews artist Erin McKeown: Changing Relationships, Changing Industries (MidemNet)

  • image from WORTHY CLICK:
    We haven't verified the claim, but Hitlantis says its now the most popular indie music site in Europe. It that's anywhere close to true, then it needs to be on your radar.

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