More Music Industry News: Changes At Nokia, MySpace Beats Ping, Radiohead, Mellencamp, Beiber & More

Hypebot Favicon Lots of music biz 2.0 stories breaking for a Monday: Slicethepie has retooled and partnered with Fontana UMG, YouTube is testing a new d.i.y. live video platform, but you have to check it out today or it may be awhile before you see it again.  A new study shows some major shifts in onlive video and there's some strong new content on our brother blog MusicThinkTank.

  • Anssi Vanjoki, the outspoken and repected Nokia executive in charge of smartphones is resigning following the appointment of former Microsoft exec Stephen Elop as CEO of the world's largest cellphone maker.
  • MySpace beats Ping in a Mashable readers poll. (Mashable)
  • Now that Apple says its loosening its app approval process. Adobe is re-introducing its Flash iPhone developer toolkit.

More Music Industry News:

  • Jeanne Meyer, a senior pr exec at EMI is leaving the company.  She will be missed.
  • The music industry’s new business model. A look at Radiohead from the perpective of their manager, as well as, Faithless and Band of Skulls. (FT)
  • John Mellencamp: Takes From Others, But Refuses To Give Back. (TechDirt
  • Interview: Never Let Me Go director Mark Romanek [Part 2] In the segment, Romanek talks about his involvement in music videos and why he didn't make the most expensive video ever made. (SlashFlim)
  • How To Cloudify Your Apple Life, Without Apple’s Help. (Gizmodo)
  • Tech Pioneers: 10 Start-Ups That Will Change Your Life. Daniel Ek of Spotify. (Time)
  • Bieber Wins Best New Artist VMA. (MTV)
  • The MTV VMA Twitter Tracker Shows 1.5 Million Tweets And Counting (TechCrunch)
  • Music Recommendation Services Need More Than the Wisdom of Crowds. (RWW)
  • John Mellencamp: Takes From Others, But Refuses To Give Back (Techdirt)
  • Music 2.0 rock star Ian Rogers (he hates it when I say that.) of Topspin heads to London for a meetup Sept 22.

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