More Music Industry News: Beiber Dominates Twitter, Ping vs. MySpace, Big EU Piracy Raids, OK Go, Fans Fix iTunes 10, David Bowie & More

Hypebot Favicon As you can see, we fixed our problem with half the text on the blog displaying in bold. Oh the joys of HTML...  Today's top story is about AmieStreet shutting down, but the real story may be what it says about where investor Amazon thinks music is headed.

  • 3% of all Twitter traffic is about Justin Beiber according to one source. (Gizmodo)
  • Web Faceoff: Ping vs. MySpace (Mashable) Do you think Ping is a MySpace killer?
  • Inside this week's massive European Warez Piracy Raids. (TorrentFreak)

More Music Industry news & Commentary

  • AOL Names Ex-William Morris Head Wiatt As Strategic Consultant (PaidContet)
  • Citigroup tricked us into buying EMI, claims Terra Firma - Guy Hands's private equity firm alleges fraud over purchase of the debt-laden label. (Guardian)
  • Unhappy iTunes 10 Users Fix The Interface Themselves. (NPR)
  • OK Go has partnered with Indaba Music and the Rock Band Network to launch a remix contest for their new single, "White Knuckles."
  • New web-based application, Beatlab, enables users to create music with just an internet connection and a mouse. Original beats can be made with just a few clicks of the mouse on the grid and shared¬† via Facebook.
  • Vivendi Universal CEO Jean-Bernard Levy will be the opening day keynote at MidemNet 2011.
  • Glee Cast Members Claim They're Being Stiffed On Royalties From Glee CD. (Techdirt)
  • Rock anthems vanishing from chart: The number of rock hits appearing in the UK singles chart has shrunk this year, according to figures from the Official Charts Company. (BBC)
  • Ping: why all the fuss? No one I know uses iTunes any more. (Telegraph)
  • The importance of David Bowie. (FT)
  • The Reconfigurable Culture of Contemporary Music: An Interview with Aram Sinnreich (Part One)
  • Copyright Is Complicated. (HuffPost)
  • Why does Steve Jobs play fast and loose with iPod touch sales numbers? (CNN)
  • 4 Strategies To Kickstart The Music Biz. (Billboard)

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