More Music Biz News: MSpot, MySpace, Music In Cars, Affinity Labels, YouTube, Guguchu & Much More

Hypebot Favicon You may have noticed a change this morning. (RSS and Newsletter readers can click thru to check it out.) We're using shorter excerpts and smaller graphics for each story. This should make it easier to quickly scan down tha page and (we think) gives the site a cleaner look. We've also started to left justify all articles which Kyle pointed out eliminates all of those pointless spaces between words. Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

  • MSpot tries to find the sweet spot in digital music business. (LAT)
  • image from MySpace is touring the labels - yesterday was with Sony - to convince them to help (exclusive content, special shows, etc) with the social networker's rebranding. No word yet on how they are being received, but given the eyes and ears that still spend time on the site, labels and artists would be smart to pay attention to MySpace for at least awhile longer.
  • Yesterday MySpace released redesigned artist and user pages. (Hypebot) What do you think of them? And what do you think of MySpace? Join the discussion.
  • Pandora by the dashboard light: Whether hooked to a laptop or iPod, or mainlining the Internet, car radios are evolving, with big assists from music companies like Pandora, MOG, and Jelli. (Fortune)
  • Rather Than A Record Label, How About A Musical Affinity Group? (Techdirt) Mile Masnick riffs on Bruce Warila's great Music Think Tank post.

More Music News & Commentary From Across The Web:

  • 6 Tips For Effective Tour Marketing. (Billboard)
  • YouTube adds more foreign languages for a total of 28. More on the way.
  • Gasping for Breath as the Ship Goes Down – the final days of the recorded music business. (Dave Kusak's Future Of Music)
  • Anti-Piracy Campaigns Fail, People Keep Downloading (TorrentFreak)
  • How To Increase Landing Page Conversion. (DTM)
  • Guguchu announces that the roll-out of its widgets is complete; they are now available on all artist accounts.
  • Top 50 Frontmen (and Frontwomen) of All Time. (Gibson)
  • Sheet Music File-Sharing - Make It Legally Available! (NPR)
  • Broadcasters: FM radio on cell phones just "sound public policy." (Ars)
  • Anti-Piracy Campaigns Fail, People Keep Downloading. (TorrentFreak)
  • Interview: Tight Mix & Chris Bracco. (WAMM)
  • Help Wanted: SoundExhange is hiring.

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